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I'm interested.

I'm doing something similar, mostly because I have to. >< A webcomic, a novel (first chapter written, need to write more to submit for next workshop class ^^;;), and the RPGs here...I need to keep my notes straight!

Although it's more of an outline than yours looks to be, BD; reason, because I'm constantly developing the world, through writing as well as art, and I like leaving room to add stuff.

I had the idea of making a sort of group world-building/revealing/describing-type project, since I have the Aether, you have Agamar, Admiral has the Aesir culture, and Deac has Mrear and [can't remember the name, am half-asleep ] Deac's culture. (JM, Scar or whoever else wanted to join could make something else up. ) We'd use something like the questions from here, roughly, for example, and post a couple things per day, or something. Since everyone keeps saying how they need to finish writing/compiling/etc their 'world bibles', I'm curious to know what you of this idea

Second topic: As for the armies and Scar's opinions, I do think you are very much underestimating the Aesir. There is no way that, in a match between a force of Agamarians and Aesir of equal numbers that Aesir would win. The Aesir are all adults are between a hundred and hundreds of thousands years of age. They all are Force-sensitive, and have had all that time in their adult life to become extremely skilled and versatile with whatever they chose to. All that experience, plus superior military technology - better weapons and armor. Add in the fact that they are ultra-paranoid and thus likely to be much better prepared, and will likely know everything about their enemy forces if at all possible (and it's very much possible in this case). The Agamarian army has no possible edge over all this from what you've listed. Ignoring ranged weapons and eliminating the Futhark gives the same result.

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