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RaGon was completely surprised, he dropped his goblet of wine. It hit the ground with a loud clank. BOOM! The castle doors flew open with at least 10 orcs. RaGon drawed his broadsword and his fellow knights drew there swords as well. RaGon charged at one of them and got a clean stab to the heart through. He then drew hi mace and threw it at the other one. It was a long battle but Borfor won in the end. Although some orcs did escape,


RaGon could not take the attacks, he appointed another knight called "Joseph" king of the village. He made his way away from the village toward a heavily guarded kingdom called Kul-Tiras. Kul-Tiras was originally a army scattered around the Earth. Now there was only a city.


RaGon was crossing a wide river, he was close to Kul-Tiras now. He and his horse slowly crossed. When he came to the gates he saw fire and heard screaming. Then a couple of footman came bursting out with there swords.

"RUN, theres too many of them: Said the first one.

Then a group of Beserkers(Axe throwers) threw axes at those footman. RaGon got on his horse and rode far, far, away...

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