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While I broadly aggree with you I need to make a few points in defence of my people.

1. After you achieve mastery of a weapon you don't have much more to do. You can only know so many moves, combinations etc and you can only get so fast.

2. Agamarian Warriors train exaustivly with two or three weapons. For example.

Bow & Shortsword

Shortsword & Spear

Lance & Longsword & Shortsword

So although they're not as versatile they're highly specialized.

Added to this the Noble Orders (I refuse to use the word Knight, I'm actually leaning toward creating my own title) are fanatically dedicated warriors, thats why out of all the nobles there are only around 150-200,000 on the whole planet.

So although Admiral's Asier would win it would be really painful.

As to thw "World Bible" I should have something to show you around Christmas time.

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