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((Ok, so I'm back!))

"Ok," both women said at the same time. Melissa paused and Rebecca continued.

"We're stuck in a galaxy that is the combination of both of ours," she said. Melissa nodded.

"This new galaxy will engage in galactic warfare and tear itself apart if we can't calm them," she agreed. Both sighed.

"No easy task," they said in unison. Without saying anything, both women went to the controls of the ship and directed it toward the Coruscant side of the planet.

They arrived at the Jedi temple and Rebecca took Melissa to see Luke.

"Master Luke Skywalker, this is Melissa Long," she said. "Melissa, this is Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master."

"He is in charge of your government?" Melissa wondered. Luke smiled and shook his head.

"Hardly so," he answered. "I am merely in charge of our 'peacekeepers', the Jedi. The Chief of State is my sister, Leia Organa Solo."

"I am the Jedi who represents her," Alyssa said, coming up to the group from behind. Luke nodded.

"This is my adopted niece, Alyssa Renolin Solo," Luke explained. "She represents her mother for us. Alyssa, this is Melissa Long. She comes from the other half of the planet."

"I see," Alyssa said thoughtfully, staring first at Melissa, then at Rebecca. Luke, Melissa and Rebecca were speaking of the problem at hand, when Alyssa suddenly cut in.

"Your minds are joined," she said. All three stopped and turned to her, questions written across their faces. "Rebecca and Melissa's minds are joined. They're having the same thoughts. Almost... it's like they're clones of each other, same thought process and everything."

"It gets a little annoying," the women said in unison. Alyssa laughed.

"So it seems," she said.

"Like the Borg," Melissa muttered, speaking alone. "They are a collective, all minds acting as one, the mind of their queen."

"We have a similar species here," Luke said. "But back to the problem."

"Right," Alyssa agreed. Rebecca and Melissa turned to face each other.

"Q said our galaxies collided, creating this new one," they said. "The only way to seperate them is to prevent them from fighting. Our problem is how to do this. We don't know."

"I don't either," Luke said, staring at the two women before him. "I'd like to initiate a series of peace talks between governments. Can you carry the message to that side of the planet?"

"Of course," the women said. Then, they turned and headed for their ship.

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