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Q3 Engine Game Bugs / JA bugs

1. (g_cmds.c) cmd_where_f should use
vtos( ent->r.currentOrigin ) in the print too show current location.
2. bot_minplayers removerandom bot bug where it kicks spectators watching them instead of the bot:

change the following in g_bot.c:

trap_SendConsoleCommand( EXEC_INSERT, va("kick \"%s\"\n", netname) );


trap_SendConsoleCommand( EXEC_INSERT, va("clientkick \"%d\"\n", cl->ps.clientNum));

3. Something i found in ET mod-source so credit them and me...

in g_client.c below the check for invaild pw put:

// Gordon: porting q3f flag bug fix
// If a player reconnects quickly after a disconnect, the client disconnect may never be called, thus flag can get lost in the ether
if( ent->inuse ) {
G_LogPrintf( "Forcing disconnect on active client: %i\n", ent-g_entities );
// so lets just fix up anything that should happen on a disconnect
ClientDisconnect( ent-g_entities );

4. bug in password checking if statement also in g_client.c:

SVF_BOT isnt set till below so change it to !isBot

5. remapShader in cg_servercmds.c is bugged, just comment out old and replace with the following if u plan on having a client also:

if ( Q_strncmp (cmd, "remapShader", 11) == 0 ) {
if (trap_Argc() == 4) {
char shader1[MAX_QPATH];
char shader2[MAX_QPATH];
Q_strncpyz(shader1, CG_Argv(1), sizeof(shader1));
Q_strncpyz(shader2, CG_Argv(2), sizeof(shader2));
trap_R_RemapShader(shader1, shader2, CG_Argv(3));

6. for now from my other post Tinny showed me how too fix player sliding:
in bg_pmove.c u will find:

// If on a client then there is no friction
else if ( pm->ps->groundEntityNum < MAX_CLIENTS )
drop = 0;

comment that out and compile cgame and game i think for this too work.

Finally, if you would like me too share my /dropflag cmd drop me a pm. it should be pretty much exploit proof. i have trace in it so that if u toss it next to a wall it does not go out of level.

i also did fix the connection screen bug but i feel that i didnt need to show this now

also i may suggest disabling the debug cmds in g_cmds.c or u could fix em up and disable use of -1 for setsabermove and make a cvar too allow/disallow them.

(debugThrow, debugDropSaber, debugSetSaberMove, debugKnockMeDown, debugSetBodyAnim, debugDismemberment, and debugSaberSwitch)

iojamp project lead / coder
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