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Forum Family thread #716 (awaiting Das...)

For anyone who doesn't know, it's a sort of Jerry Springer thing where everyone goes on Jerry Springer and Does Jerry Springer stuff.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fealiks:*walks on to stage*

Jerry: and here we have Fealiks from the LFC!


Jerry: So, tell us what have you come here to talk about today?

Fealiks:Well, I'm worried that my good freind, Das Mole has been seeing someone else.

Jerry: Really? tell us more. so who is it?

Fealiks Who's what?

Jerry: who's Das having an affair with?

Fealiks: Well, there's this new guy called The Bard, He's been acting really suspicious lately.

Jerry: So it was you having the affair?

Fealiks: No, no, Bard was making.. well.... rude sort of gestures to my partner, Das.

Jerry:So you're gay, right?

Fealiks: No, just interlectually challenged. Anyway, I was woried about all this, so I called the counciler, but he said I need to be with Das to book an apointment, but Das disagreed, as he did about the affair.

Jerry: well, enough of your side, let's have someone special!!

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