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Time to move on for me.

Well time to move on.

I'm getting involved in other scenes. And hopefully some professional endeavors.

At home the wife will be having a bouncing baby boy here in a couple months. As well as increase in business where I currently work. So my modding time is limited.

I'd like to think I was able to contribute in some way, but most of my stuff was never picked up by the bigger mods and coders.

Either way, I have unreleased biped animation data for those interested.

A complete working saber style based off dooku's saber hilt.

A complete overhaul of the blocking system that incorporates every possible blocking position. And has more moves than a saber style.

An overhaul of the melee system to incorporate new and more realistic attacks.

And probably a boat load of other misc stuff.

Email me at
The data is in .bip format and max 4.2

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