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Originally posted by Redwing
I had the idea of making a sort of group world-building/revealing/describing-type project <<snip>>

We'd use something like the questions from here, roughly, for example, and post a couple things per day, or something.
I prolly should have pointed out that this would be done in a new thread.

It could be treated like an RPG, answer one question a day (or several days). When complete, we'd have approximentations of world bibles, that could be used for RPGs.

Anyone interested in doing this? Coz I don't want to post this, and then be the only one replying in the thread!

(BD, if you want to do your Agamarian Bible on your own, you could do some other RPG world 'Bible' the End of the World RPG (a world which I find a tad confusing), as the list I referenced does allow for alternate Earths as well as "not Earth at all" worlds )

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