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Allessa: Never mind. Hal was 18, he wasn't old enough to ride with the BattleDogs, so his father put him with a Troop of House Gaurds. He set Drago to watch him.

His uncle Jammes led a charge into the right flank of the enemy shield wall and got cut off by a group of Beserkers. Hal and Drago charged in with their force of 20 or so to try and open a whole in the beserkers but Salas'hi'din, the enemy general saw them and sent more of his beserkers.

They were all swallowed by the enemy, when Taklin Flax led the BattleDogs to rescue them two hours later all the house gaurds were dead, Jammes had been knocked unconcious and Drago had a dagger burried in his left arm. Hal was the only one not wounded, he was covered in blood from head to toe and there were dead beserkers in a ring all around him.

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