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((Sorry for the delay, been busy for the last couple of days.

In this post I am taking the battle to a point where everyone can fight. The individual fighting does not need to be effect by the time skips, so Red, WJ you can ignore the time skip really))

30 minutes to dawn

*The black sea that was the Sith army undulated eager to cross the field and take revenge on those who had killed them years earlier.

Fenrir gave a mighty bloodcruddling roar. With the bark of Fenrir the Sith drew their lightsabers and ignited them at once. Black sea turned red with the glow of the ruby lightsabers.*

10 minutes to dawn

*Vidar raised his sword high above his head signalling the formation of the schiltrons. Each schiltron was roughly a thousand strong, the Schiltrons themselves were arranged into rows similar to the standard line formation they were just in.

The outer schiltrons were formed with the Valkyriers and Einherjar in the front. The inner schiltrons had group members and were entirely composed of beserks. Idun and Valda were leading the two largest Schiltrons at the front of the army. Spears of the front line warriors were laid down at their feet pointing outwards. and swords were drawn.*


The rooster crowed exactly at dawn causing the ground to shake. A second later the Sith army raced forward using the force to speed them across the field. The right and left wings going the fastest. From the observation area it looked like a giant beast was wrapping its black and red arms around the Aesirian army.

The Aesir stood their ground waiting for the Sith to come to them, the front line warriors foots hovered over the butt of their spears.

The Drakes flew at each other and soon were in a tangle of slasching claws and and bitting jaws.

Moments before the Sith army reached the Aesir, the front line warriors slammed their foots onto the butt of their spears raising raising the spear heads so they pointed directly at the face of oncoming Sith. The Sith at the head of the charge tried to slow and avoid the spears now right in front of them but the crush those behind forced the ones in front forward. Heloki who were just behind the initial Sith forces jumped well above the heads of the Sith intending to come down in the middle of the schiltrons. Instead they were meet with the spears of the warriors in the middle lines.

Within the first couple minutes of the battle thousands of the enemy were dead, impaled on the spears of the Aesirian schiltrons. The Aesir themselves took no causualties but soon that would not be the case.

4 hours into the battle, 10 hours remaing

*The Aesir were holding their own with the those wounding being brought to the center where healers did their best treat the wounds and get the warriors back on their feet.

Then the Sith Lords changed their tatics. The Sith would no longer try to kill the Aesir by themselves, instead that task was given to the Heloki and Fenris Brood. The Sith rushed the front lines of the Schiltrons impaling themselves on the swords of the Aesir and forcing them to the side, where a Heloki with it's sharp claws would ram them into the armor of the Aesir, aiming for chests, faces, and arms. The Fenris brood would leap onto an Aesir trying to knock them down and rip out their jugulars

The Sith that had been killed and revived to find themselves close to the Aesir would grab their legs to impede their movements, and if a fallen Sith still had a lightsaber they would jam it into the knees of the Aesir who stood above them.*

6 hours into the battle, 8 hours remaining

*Vidgrid was running red with blood of the slain. Causualties on both sides mounted however, the enemy causualties were mainly of Sith who revived after five, ten minutes depending on the wounds they suffered.

Schiltrons were begining to be destroyed. Those schiltrons that were taking heavy causuallties move towards the center of the overall Aesirian formation while those schiltrons in the center move forward. Thus six hours into the fighting the schiltrons with the quest members in them moved to the outer lines where they would stay. (Keep in mind the inner schiltrons were still fighting just not as heavily as the outer ones).*

7 hours into the battle, 7 hours remaining

*A drake falls from the sky landing among a pack of Fenris brood crushing them. It stands and takes back and rejoins the other Drakes in their viscous fight.

A little over half of the Aesir remain, the enemy army has seems to have taken no loses. Schiltrons now average around four hundred warriors. Fresh warriors were now begining to run low, some who were wounded early in the day now found themselves again among the front lines of their schiltrons.

Aidan's Schiltron was now down to five hundred. Sir Vin and Drago's had roughly three hundred left in them. Hal's had two hundred and twenty. The Schiltron with Carcern has a hundred Aesir remaing.*

8 Hourse into the battle, 6 hours remaining

*A group of five Heloki manage to jump into the center of Hal's Schiltron. One of the Heloki lands behind Hal and readies to sent its claws through Hals back. Before the Heloki can manage this a wounded Aesir shoves Hal out of the way and takes the claws in the side of the face. Other Aesir surrond Hal protecting him until the five cats are killed. Unfortunately the healer of the schiltron is slain in this attack.*

10 Hours into the battle, 4 hours remaining

*No longer could group members be kept relatively safe in the center of the schiltrons. Indeed now all but a few healers to abandon treating the wounded and begin to fight. There were no longer any fresh Aesirian warriors. Few of those fighting now lacked any wounds. Of the five million strong army only a quarter remained and those still living had been fighting many hours and were beginning to suffer from exhaustion.

About halfway through the tenth hour an evil drake manage to break free of their fight and picked a schiltron to attack. The drake swooped down upon Aidan's Schiltron took a number of Aesir in it's jaws and talons opening a whole in the sheild wall of the formation. Sith, Heloki, and Fenris Brood flooded into this gap. Aidan soon found himself with just twenty other Aesir.

The end of the battle was now in sight but those four hours would be the hardest and worst part of this deadly battle.


((All those fighting in Schiltrons are now among the front lines. They need to survive four hours and remember them what I have said in the discusion thread.

Those in individual combat please (Dea, Red, WJ) please post as if the battle had just began. Since the armies are ignoring these characters this time varience wont' effect those in the Schiltrons.

Those not fighting, I hope you are finding this interesting))

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