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idea for an add-on

Most battles (unless fought by a clan) are not very co÷rdinated.
I think it would be a nice feature to have a commanding slot (for each side) in every game.

The commander plays the game as an RTS; has a good overview of the battlefield, selects units and gives them orders (kill, destroy, repair, supply, etc.) and even tells them where to spawn as what. Bots will automaticly follow these orders, whereas players will see their orders (flashing) on their HUD and map (radar) as well as hear an audio message.
Well that's it basically, here are some additional thoughts:

- This commanding role could be aquired through a rating system (leaderboards?), (trying) to make sure experienced players, who know the maps well, get this role.

- Additional options could be given to the commander, like f.i. supplying units through dropships instead of pilots.

I've heard of games that work like this, but i didn't remember the names, and don't know how well this works. Plz fill me in..

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