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*From down till hour six, Sir-Vin remained barely neutral, knowingly that the battle would call for him to fight for several hours. He struck at the enemy who managed to get into the center of his Schiltron.

By hour six he helped the healer with by helping to heal the wounded, but unfortunately the numbers of his Schiltron were dropping.

Now hour Ten, he could only get a few Aesir one at a time, his Schiltron's healer also went back and forth between fighting and a brief heal. He mental training in the past week kept him going, but even now barely keeping him from feeling the strain of fighting.*

*Cracern had helped as much as he could since dawn.

It was hour four when a Heloki had leaped itself into his Schiltron, Cracern quickly went stright at it, then force sped off to its side at the last moment, and using both his sabers, performing a spinning doulbe swing, that cleaved that Heloki twice, for a quick-unexpected death.

Hour eight Cracern saw that only a hundred of the Aesir that he started with remained. He began to worry that maybe his foolish idea of joining was too much for him to handle...

Hour ten, the Schiltron that Cracern was in had only just 70 Aesir left. *

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