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Originally posted by ZBomber
I refer you to this:
Originally posted by ChrisC3po
We turned off the search feature (which was on for logged in users only prior) in order to allow more people to visit the forums. As I'm sure most people have noticed we've seen a surge in our viewers over the last few weeks. When our visitor numbers get back to historic averages we will turn search back on for logged in users. Sorry for the hassle guys.
I'll write here a metaphor. It's all fun and nice. Let's see if you agree:

Due to people's growing interest in travelling, the traffic between two states had grown a lot. Thus, all the gas stations by the long highway were closed down, because they couldn't possible serve all the new customers. Consequently, the traffic lessened rapidly because not all people couldn't drive all the way without getting gasoline or other services on their way to the other state. The gas stations were reopened now that the number of cars was back to the 'historic averages'...

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