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*The cock crows and Orthos charges at the Sith, hoping to break through to reach the demon contingent, but his held back by the rising sith.*

Four Hours In. Ten Remaining

*Orthos has battled away one wave of Sith. His armour is now blood red and he is already beginning to show signs of tiredness*

Seven Hours In

*Orthos finally meets his first demon, which he manages to half but is quickly overwhelmed and begins falling back to the lines to be healed*

Ten Hours In, 4 Remain

*Orthos battles his way back, a little stronger than before. It is then that he sights Lokpihet butchering some Aesir*

Orthos: LOKPIHET!!!!!!!!!

*Lokpihet drops the fallen Aesir and turns*


*A supernova explodes naturally somewhere across space. Orthos begins to be shrouded in glowing gold light, filling his whole form, revitalising his body.

Enter the Starkiller*

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