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((Red: I'm allowing some minor control over the enemy forces.

Deac: some problems:

1. The Sith army would not fight Orthos, nor would they impede his movements. He only has a single opponent and that is Lokpihet and his demons if you want. The rest of the enemy army will ignore him

2. Lokpihet would not be fighting any Aesir, he is just to go after Orthos. There would be millions of Sith, Heloki, and Fenris Brood between Lokpihet and the Aesir as well.

Everyone else: Keep in mind that the Aesir are in control of the Schiltrons. Also as they shrink in size the number of enemies between them increases greatly. This means moving two schiltrons together is near impossible. Also remember how that the Sith revive and impale themselves on weapons to create opening in the defenses.

Any questions about enemy behavior can be asked in the discussion thread.))

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