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Right, Savage ! thx !

They stated, in early development (i think you're saying), that they wanted to differ from batllefield as much as possible ? really ?? they could have had me fooled ..
As far as i can see SWBF is just that: a battlefield game set a long long time ago in a galaxy far away.
If i were pandemic, i wouldn't let BF2 stand in the way of implementing a great feature (EA can't say it was their idea first), but then again i'm not pandemic..

very well, guess i'll have have to wait for either a SWBF or a BF2 mod then.


armydude: point taken, but i think these arguments allready exist, as well as frustration over the fact that there's a lack of strategy in the games. Either the commanding slot or better (voice) communication (integrated ingame) could solve this.
furthermore: this slot should be optional for the game-maker and you don't HAVE to obey the commander..

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