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Originally posted by Evil Dark Jedi
I have seen bots roll forward. I dont know how though.

EDJ's Tip-

When riding a speeder always be in Third Person.
I roll sideways. Works ok.

As for speeder, in video options disable motion blur and your # crashing will decrease

my tip: never join the winning team (in case of = players) or the team with most players. It's much more fun on the other side, i can garantue you that. On the winning team it aint a challenge and you're more like fighting against your teammates for supplies (vehicles etc) or those kills.

Also, try out the pilots. They're ace, the weapons need minor training but they're great.

Record how many times you use your special items (grenades, time bombs, medpacks…), if its too few you should use it more while in the game. If you travel a lot from power droid to power droid use all of it

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