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Joystick Issues

I have used both the CH Flightstick Pro and the Logitech Wingman 3D joysticks in DF2 and they work great.

#1 Make sure you map the buttons in the option menu.
You can click on the IDENTIFY button to make sure
which buttons you are mapping.

#2 As previously mentioned, make sure you have the
latest available drivers downloaded and installed for
the joystick in question.

#3 Most importantly, make sure you go into the computer's
CONTROL PANEL settings and properly calibrate your

These are basics, but sometimes even the most experienced
gamers get in a rush and forget to cover them, or newer games
have support out of the box, so we forget to double check our settings. Believe me I have made the mistake of thinking every-
thing is just "Plug And Play" countless times.

Since you are probably going to ask...yes I still prefer the CH
Products Flightstick Pro. It is a very sturdy piece (compatability
wise) and has provided me with thousands of hours of great
gaming. My son (8yrs old) is very rough on them so when he breaks one, I often get them on the web (used in great shape) for
ten bucks or freight. I currently use it and the mouse to play JA...left hand stick/keyboard, right hand mouse. As for DF2, right hand stick, left hand keyboard. Button 1 - fire, Button 2 - activate, Button 3 - duck, Button 4 - jump, POV - look up, down,& sidestep.

I hope this helps. Good Luck, Happy Fragging, and May The Force Be With You.

"Every time my fingers touch brain, I'm the guns of the navarone...I'm superfly TNT..."

- Jules Winfield , Pulp Fiction
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