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Warcraft 4 Character Creation!

For those of you that have plaied W3 and W3 Frozen Throne, this rp si for YOU. It takes place after Arthas became Lich King, and now controls ALL of teh scorge (Undead Army) and the Allience, Horde, and Sentienls, must allie all together to again deafet their mortal enemies, the undead....but...mean while, when hell is breaking lsoe upon the four forces...the Burning Legion plot their strike, to take out all of ttheir enemies and rule the world...

Who will you be? One of the brave heros of the Allience Horde or Senetiels, or be a Cold Hearted Undead? Or...... be an agent of the burning legion preparing for the Aura of the Burning Legion?

Horse: (( Optinal))

-------------------My Character---------------

Name: Arthas
Age: N/A
Sex: Male
Race: Human/ Partly Undead
Weapons/Armor: (( , Frozen Throne.))
Army: Scorge
Rank: Lich King ((leader of scorge))
Horse: Undead Steed.

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