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I love you too.

Originally posted by BattleDog
You put an assassin on a spacebourne warship, in hyperspace, and he isn't getting off for 36 hours. (...) Now Flax and Sellenna know where he definatly is on board so he really is dog meat. How the hell is he going to survive the next 36 hours?))


((What the hell does confertinations mean. Its not in my dictionary and I can't even find it with a google search.))
A) Depends who the assassin is, if it's 'sabaac man' then either Scar has to get creative or he's screwed. If he's one of the less arrogant assassins, who actually took some of the super-technology, depending on what he took he could have an out. Stealth, superpowered weapons, etc.

B) Confertinations = Confrontations.

Finally, as to Flax and Sophae knowing anything:

Independence: Rec Room

*In the far corner a small crowd were watching a tech and an engineer are playing a game of Sabbac. The the tech sat with his back away from the bar, and was embarassingly losing. The engineer sat there with his cap on, he was looking down at the table, so the brim of his hat obscured his face.*
Scar never did say this was his assassin. It could be just some random engineer guy who's good at sabaac. The assassin could be long gone.

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