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A look of pain crossed Tanara's face. Misae had struck deep.

"My master was killed," she answered slowly. "My parents were also..." Her voice trailed off, but the look of pain faded. "My sister still lives."

She activated her lightsaber, but did not make any move to attack Misae.

"While I know Elaina lives," she continued, "I cannot help but wonder about her safety. You didn't know this Misae, but the spirit of a Sith inhabited my body until recently. Her name was Kira. You may have heard of her, but I do not know.

"Before she left me, Kira threatened to inhabit my sister. This is why I fear for my sister's safety. While I could resist Kira, Elaina may not be able to... I know what I must do if I ever see my sister again."

"But you're right, Misae," Tanara finished. "This is not about me. I may not fully understand what I've gotten myself into, but I did not make any decisions to fight you. I did not wish it and it is still against my wishes. But let me turn your questions back on you, Misae. What of your family? I don't recall you ever speaking to me of them."

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