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a) yes, thank you. The idea was that it'd be Sabbac-man,. but reguardless even if thats the travel that needed to, I do have ways getting around the 'quote-unquote' month trip.

IE: the same method that Talon uses to get from planet to planet

in anycase i was planning on a future plot between Sabbac-man and Talon, as in that the Sabbac-man was infact Davin (about after crisis, or jsut plainly 'after he died' (leave that one open later )) + 500yrs, just like Talon would be Talon in Forgotten (which he hadnt been introduced more directly into the story yet)

that aside, Davin would of course being a full fledged demon would obviously be stronger, faster, etc then a human. Plus that fact that he's been around for about as long as talon would, so he 'powers' could rival that of Talon's in crisis.

so technically agenst a Jedi, it would definately be no one-sided fight.

and yes, he did take some weapons too
nothing like a super equiped p-90 and a customised sword

b) thank you for the spell check ^_^

c) yup. and i could be a jerk and do that too...

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