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((OOS: Wildjedi: Out of curiosity, what color is Tanara's lightsaber blade? I can't recall ))

Misae: I never knew them since I was a little girl, and now I'll never have the chance. They died in the Holocaust, along with my master.

*Misae's eyes narrow*

Misae: The Aesir did this to us, Tanara. *She gestures around at the hordes of Sith rushing by on either side* There's no point in resisting the Sith. They are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. They are stronger in the Dark Side than any Jedi in existence. I should know; I tried to resist them. So hard...for so long... *Terrible pain flashes in her eyes for a moment* It was futile. And finally they made me see the truth.

*The former Jedi's eyes take on a terrible gleam*

Misae: The Aesir are the enemy, Tanara. They are the murderers who slaughtered our loved ones in their sleep, not the Sith. Join me, Tanara. Join me and gain the power to save your sister - and vengeance for the wrongs these beasts have done to us!

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