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Before Darth NeoVenom could proceed thru the doors between him and Trent, He notices that one of the Stormtroopers had the Jedi's saber hilt attached to his belt. "Let me see that." Darth NeoVenom said as he took the saber hilt. He thru it up in the air and activated his light saber. A few seconds later, the hilt of Trent's hits the ground in two pieces as Darth NeoVenom deactivated his light saber. "Don't want him using that." Darth NeoVenom said as he noticed the two Stormtroopers were slightly shaking.

Stepping the door, Darth NeoVenom could see two high ranked Stormtroopers, an interrogation droid, and Trent. Darth NeoVenom crosses his arms in front of him as he stands next to the two Stormtroopers.

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge." - Darth Maul

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