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Originally posted by Rogue Nine
Don't get me started on GL's involvement in the EU. :/
theres no need to get upset about it. Of course GLs EU involvement is ceremonial more than instrumental, but he gave the green light to others deciding that chewie should bite the bullet(or the planet, in his case ) and suggested a certain solo child be killed because of potential name confusion. I find that a bit strange, but thems the breaks, and whoozits dying had more of an impact I believe than if it was left with the original candidate

now its time for us to hug and exchange EU lore

oh, and Leper, dont do the 8472 comparison. theres acpl of others around who have made the same comparison, and yes their exposure to the njo has been as short as yours. Im a a big NJO fan and a big Voyager fan. I often describe the Vong to people as 'ugly like the predator' and obsessed with honour and battle like the Klingons ! At the end of the day, its really not the biotech and philosophy of the Vong that got me hooked, it was the CHARACTERS, just liek in any good book. Nom Anor, a scheming, calculating YV executor is one of the most interesting characters in EU ever, and his type of character is archetypal to many a good story, be it a murder mystery, a spy thriller or a sci-fi fantasy story....


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