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Originally posted by lassev

I'll write here a metaphor. It's all fun and nice. Let's see if you agree:

Due to people's growing interest in travelling, the traffic between two states had grown a lot. Thus, all the gas stations by the long highway were closed down, because they couldn't possible serve all the new customers. Consequently, the traffic lessened rapidly because not all people couldn't drive all the way without getting gasoline or other services on their way to the other state. The gas stations were reopened now that the number of cars was back to the 'historic averages'...
There's a difference here though.

The stations could stay open, and alittle more people would be able to travel until it all came to a halt anyway.
The end result in that metaphor is that the traffic would come to a halt either way, just on different times, whereas if we left the search function online all the time, the site most likely would come down, as it has done in the past before.
The solution is to turn it off, and people will still be able to view these forums and post in them.

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