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As usual, Homeric First Last:


C: I sense a disurbance in the force, bear in mind that Sellenna (NOT Sophae) is very high on the empathic scale, like her sister and Flax is no slouch.

B: That was what I figured, he could have just put "problems"

A: Well yeah, thats my point. I'd be willing for an out if he hadn't just killed the guy.


Putting aside my general feelings about Davin (I don't like the guy much, the Ivrines in PtH, they're fun) I would point out that the following are on the ship.

Flax: Megga-baddass-Sith-killing-Jedi

Sellenna: Lets just say she's not someone to play hide and seek with, she has all the abilities of her sister. Remember the cloaked assassin that would have put Starr to shame?

Drago: No longer immortal but still, the guy has 200,000 years of sword practice.

20 Random Jedi Warriors: For Coruscant

38 Agamarian Legions: Thats alot of housegaurds

The Security forces

3 Divisions of ground troops

Wedge: Nuff said.

So I don't see him getting out of this with his whole skin, maybe half.

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