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((Deac: Red is correct, those rules are enforced supernaturally and won't be broken by either side.

and again make use of the discusion thread for most of these OSS))

Aidan's location
*A dead sith revived at Aidan's feet. The sith reached up can grabed both of Aidan's ankles. Another Sith swung a lightsaber in a downward slash aimed At Aidan's chest*

Hal's location
*Another dead Sith grabs at Hal's legs while another impales himself upon Hal's sword. With the Hal's sword momentarily in the Sith a Fenris Brood Darts through the impaled Sith legs and clamps down on Hal's right leg. The power of the jaws began to crush the armor.*

Sir Vin's Location
*A sith lightsaber locks with Sir Vin's blades (I believe he has two) allowing a Heloki to attack him. Before the Heloki can strike at Sir Vin an Aesir moves in with a small cut removing one of the Heloki's arms.*

Cracern's location
*The Drake that had broken the Schiltron with Aidan now turned it's eyes to Cracern's location. Diving down upon the formation the drake lifts up at the last second removing five Aesir. One of the Aesir was in the drakes mouth, with one powerful bit the Drake cuts the Aesir in half with the upper torso tumbling to the ground. The torso hits Cracern in the head.

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