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okay, now that i know what he's up agenst, i might have to get more in detail about him now ^_^;

although a little bit ago while relieving my oneself, that well, he doesnt exactly have that option of teleporting out of there

IE: using demons to create a gravitmetric portal. in which the ship itself is traveling through hyperspace, that is theoretically impossible. I'm surpised i was the only one who caught that ^_^

Davin's intentions might actualy surprise you
you have Talon who's some form of a tyrant, who is a ruler over several worlds, and is practically the most powerful demons around (of his and davin's kind)
Davin on the other hand, has been around for just as long, and as a long standing grudge agenst Talon (if anyone paid attention, that was really really kicked it over by Talon basically taking Davin's kid and rasing as his own.)

so in another train of thought, there's this tyrant who's ruling over a **** loads of people. perhaps maybe there's an underground movement
and that he did Flax a favor to knock off someone who's doing not so good things anyway, and is getting a few bucks on the side (Ie currency for this part of the galaxy that obviously with talon he just got in)

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