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Hunter stood up as he saw kyp walk in, he just signaled and they all went to their ships and fired them up.
"alright, dozen, lets move out" they all got thier hyperspace coordinates and input them and they moved off.

Hunter was dozing off when he got a private comm from Keela, a very attractive twi'lek.
"you awake there?"
"yeah, what's up?"
"well i just wanted to talk."
"i dunno, how do you meet kyp?"
"jedi academy, i thought he was a very strong jedi and i agreed with him on his ideals, now don't get me wrong, i idolize master skywalker, but kyp seems to make sense."
"you do know he was a dark jedi."
"yeah, but still, he's changed."
"looks like were coming up on coordinates.shh"
"heh yeah."

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