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we need someone that knows how to put weapons in game. Id do it but Im too busy with other vehicles to do them all. Ill list the proposed Weapons and Player Classes below:

Note: about 95 percent of the weapons and about 70 percent of the vehicles are already made and skinned, they just need to be put ingame.

Proposed Weapons:

1. aks
2. t1000 blade weapon
3. bren (with drum magazine)
4. c4
5. empgrenade
6. fn2000
7. g36
8. glock18c
9. grenade
10. m16a2
11. m25 - mtar
12. m27
13. m82a1 sniper
14. m92
15. m249
16. m1911
17. minigun
18. mk23
19. mp5k
20. obplasmacannon
21. plasmacannon
22. rpg7
23. rsb80
24. smaw
25. spas12
26. s&w4566
27. uzi

Proposed Vehicles:

1. HK Tank
2. Arial HK
3. Heavy Assault Arial HK
4. HK Drone
5. T1
6. Tech Car
7. Tech Truck
8. APC
9. Helicopter
10. Army Truck
11. Car
12. Truck 1
13. Truck 2

Proposed Classes:
* = Vehicle

T850:-------- M27
T850H:------- RSB80
T850S:------- Plasma Cannon, M27
T850I:------- M82A1, M27
*HK Tank:---- Plasma Cannons
*AHK:-------- Plasma Cannons
*HK Drone:--- Missles
*T1:--------- Miniguns

*T1:--------- Miniguns
*HK Drone:--- Missles

Scout:------- M25 , MK23
Soldier:----- M25 or FN2000, MK23, EMP Grenade
HWS:--------- M249 or Minigun or SMAW, MK23, EMP Grenade
Sniper:------ M82A2, MK23, EMP Grenade
*Tech Car:--- RSB80
*Tech Truck:- RSB80
*APC:-------- Plasma Cannon, Missles
*Helicopter:- Minigun

Soldier:----- M16 or SPAS12, MK23, Grenade
HWS:--------- M229 or SMAW, MK23, Grenade
Sniper:------ PSG1, MK23, Grenade
*Army Truck-- None
*APC:-------- Minigun, Missles
*Helicopter:- Minigun

Model 101:--- RPG7 or Minigun or Bren, SPAS12 or UZI or G36, M1911
T1000:------- SPAS12 or MP5K, M92, T1000 Blade Weapon
TX w/ SKin:-- OB Plasma Cannon, S&W4566
John Conner:- AKS or G36, G18, C4
*Car:-------- None
*Truck 1:---- None
*Truck 2:---- None
*Helicopter:- Minigun

All of these weapons and vehicles exist in this world today, or in the Terminator world. Some names in the Terminator worl you might reconize such as General Dynamics or Toyota. I can post a list of the weapons and their manufactureres if anyone wants to.

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