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((Well actually no, wildjedi and JM: thanks to Admiral's time gap, Greco would've been watching Tanara and Misae at dawn, and he would be seeing what's going on now. At dawn, no one else is fighting, except Orthos.

JM, you bastard - get AIM again [unless there's some alternate reason for you not having it besides just laziness ]))


Misae: You naive fool! What do you know of power? What do you know of the Aesir? *She raises her lightsaber* There is no hope left for the galaxy we knew. Can't you see that? Do you believe in this 'Time Matrix'? Do you really think you can trust the Aesir anymore than the Sith?

10 Hours into the battle, 4 hours remaining

*The Sith's blade glances off Aidan's mithril armor. Aidan lunges forward at his attacker, lightning coursing over his fingers. Upon contact the Sith's chest, torso and head are ripped apart, his limbs sent flying. Aidan sends lightning through his feet, destroying the arms and hands of the Sith grabbing at his ankles.

Aidan leaps at the onrushing attackers, frustrated at his inability to strike from a distance as normal. He tears through the first few Sith he encounters, and a surprised Fenris brood finds its skull exploding as it closes its jaws on Aidan's arm.

Aidan drops to all fours. He lashes out with his tail, ignited with lightning, upending - and ripping apart the legs of - several Sith who had no room to take advantage of their Force-enchanced reflexes in the melee.

A Heloki lands on his back, ripping a gaping hole in his vulnerable wing before a blast of lightning from Aidan rips the beast apart*

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