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Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
Those Star Wars movies pretty much suck....I mean they DO look like a species from ET: The Extra Terrestrial. And Obi Wan dying sucks...and it's sad .........................
LMAO....I love such freakish saracsm Bravo Shok !

I like it when ppl say "OMFG that SUX ! Its like Star Trek" and dont know much about Star trek either, just what they think ST is like from seeing a cpl of movies and a cpl of episodes here and there.... It just liek me saying Harry potter is Just like LOTR because is has wizards n stuff

I like hearing insights and criticisms of informed people, wankers that just make up their mind without substantiation are just ignorant. I can only hope for them that this mode of thought does not carry into their everyday lives....


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