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Originally posted by Lynk Former
you've already got an NJO thread open, use that.
indeed. especially since a few of us had mentioned that over there(including myself).......

yes, Star by Star it is, or as us njo phreaks call it ...SBS

Lynk who do I have to kill to be EU mod...for the listed mods in the EU forum are quite dull in their knowledge and hardly around.... thank the maker SWPhreak and Jan Gaarni come around..... But what the punters need is a local boy....

Leper, It seems strange to read SBS after very miss all the build up, and totally defeat the beauty of a multi-book story arc..... I'd suggets reading "X-Wing : Wedge's gamble" and follow how the new republic got corucsant to begin with(it didnt happen immediately after ROTJs events)


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