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There weren't any Sith during the Civil War, unless Flax killed Palpatine and Vader (which, sorry, he didn't. )

Reborn suck, and don't count as Sith.

Since I don't know how old Sellena is, as you never posted her bio, I can't say whether she has more practice at illusions than Starr, but I doubt it, unless she has been spending a large portion of those years of her life devoting herself to the study of Dark illusions (there are no predecessors to study on for Jedi illusions, since the Jedi archives are gone and I don't think Corran Horn wrote a book, not that many pages of "I do it naturally and am totally better than Luke and all the other Jedi at everything except TK so I'm not totally godmoding but I still roxxor" would help a student much).

Remember Starr, to get many of his techniques (before you say anything, yes he has great inherent ability in illusions as well), has studied many, many teachings of the ancient Sith. I hope Sellena hasn't been.

As for the second part, either you're being facetious or the propaganda is working, in which case I shall say no more...

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