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Originally posted by ET Warrior
Oh yeah? What specifically did they take OUT of Halo 1 in Halo 2? I'm curious. Because I've played Halo 2, and I've played Battlefront, and you know which game I don't own anymore? I will give you a hint. I'm going to play Halo 2 now.
The F*cked the pistol up. it used to be a great weapon at range but now you can zoom or anything and the the damage has been severly reduced. Also you can fall like 9x10 billionth power miles and you wont die. No matter how far you fall you dont get hurt nothing at all. in halo you could be up on a ledge get shot 3 times with the pistol fall off the ledge and die. Well now the pistol wont knock you off the ledge and even if you fall you wont even get hurt. Also the health meter is gone and you exclusivly have the rechargable shields. What good is it? i mean in the Campaign mode you can allways run away and hide until your shields restore... Need anymore reason im sure i can find some more reasons why halo sucks, all it is doeing is rideing on some k/a graphics and a cheesey storyline. The characters Major Chief.... since when do you get to concurrent military ranks?!?!
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