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There are some things missing to have complete new planet kit. Here is one
of them.

Custom names for custom modules (as seen on map and load game GUIs)

Problem: Custom made modules were so far completed using an existing areas
and modules. These have their specific names. For an example you can take Korriban's Dreshdae module and attach it to any new planet (RedHawke already
did it with his great ORD Mandell mod). We desire better name for this module.
Let it be Planet - Location. Check the map (pressing M?) after exiting Ebon Hawk.
There should be sign Korriban - Dreshdae. The same text is displayed when
loading previously saved game (top right of GUI). What to do to change the sign?

There are 4 solutions.

Let it be. Make it blank. Make custom talktable (I tried that trick from NWN
- custom.tlk starts at string 16777216 - it didn't work, strings were still
taken from the beginning of dialog.tlk ) or patch somehow dialog.tlk file.
And finaly add local string to *.are file.

Well, it is against entire dialog.tlk system philosophy (other languages)
but local strings can do the job.

Solution: Load *.are file of your module into GFF Editor and find entry NAME [CExoLocString]. To make it blank change its STRREF to -1 (no reference to dialog.tlk). Then move cursor to Language ID input filed, left click in it and hit enter. You should be able to write there now. My string will be Planet - Location. Name will state = 1 strings. Save GFF, import *.are to module and
test it.

On map GUI should be Planet - Location. On Load Game GUI should be Planet
in the upper field and Location in the lower one.

How to add custom maps

Here is what I did. I exported map of Naga Sadow Tomb "lbl_mapm39aa.tga",
made one red square in the middle of the map in Photoshop and saved it to Override as "lbl_mapm50ab.tga" My module's name is abc_m60ab BUT it contains *.are and *.git files by name of m50ab. So we have m50ab.are,m50ab.git and lbl_mapm50ab.tga

Now the harder part. You should rename *.are and *.git files in case to have custom map without overwriting original map of Naga Sadow Tomb right?
Open module.ifo file with GFF Editor and navigate to Mod Area List[List] / 0
[User-defined struct: 6] / Area Name [CResRef]. Change Area Name to m50ab.
Save the file. Finaly take *.lyt of Naga Sadow's Tomb from Layouts, rename it
to m50ab.lyt and place it to Override. Everything should be OK and custom map
in the game (warp modulename) while original Naga Sadow's map remains intact.
I tested this but could forget something.

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