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((I stand by my assessment of the swords, since they should have short swords, and daggers.

As to the helms, since the Heloki seem to be able to rip it apart anyway..... Well.))

11 Hours in

*Hal's blade flashes, the bright shine of the sun on the core is nothing to the light of fire in the edge of the blade. Dozens of Sith Fall back bleeding, missing arms or legs. Hal's armour is now covered in the blood of his enemies, he dances despite the wounds in both legs.*

*The Asier around Drago are now all dead, killed by another Heloki attack. Drago's armour has a tear in it along his left side and dried human blood coats the slashed tunic.

He is enclosed by Sith, having seen Hal he is labouriasly fighting his way to his Lord.*

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