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*Sir'vin is surpised at the Aesir who defended him. Sir'vin quickly breaks the lightsaber lock and bashes the Sith aside*

Sir-Vin *to the Aesir who defended him* "I guess I owe you one!!"


*Cracern falls flat ont he ground. And then pushes off the torso, and immedately nothices the Sith trying to get into the gap in the formation that the Aesir are trying to close up...*

Cracern *getting up and runing to that spot.* "CLOSE THAT HOLE!!"

*With Cracern and his ignited dual sabers he begins to bash the incoming sith out of the way, and sort of out of the formation. Even slicing an arm off of a Sith whom held its saber, and quickly droping a saber, then graping and literally throwing the Sith with his force enhanced strength out of Schiltron...

He charges at another Sith, force pulling the 'droped' saber and then swinging it again...*

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