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Originally posted by BattleDog
((I stand by my assessment of the swords, since they should have short swords, and daggers.

As to the helms, since the Heloki seem to be able to rip it apart anyway..... Well.))
Well mithril is (at least nearly) impenetrable by lightsabers, which is very important here as there are many more Sith than Heloki. Also, while the Heloki have armor-piercing claws, it still takes a moment to pierce the armor, I assume...imagine what would happen to a bare head.

Originally posted by Admiral
((Sorry but I have to run, tonight I plan on posting one of the indivdual fights in it's entirety (just to make things simple since I have a number of them) ))
I assume you mean fights between your own characters?

Also: See PMs.

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