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((JM: Oops I plead sleep deprivation.

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*Misae laughs bitterly*

Misae: What 'voice' do you think you hear, Tanara? I've had a voice inside too, for the past year. Telling me that I was weak and foolish, and that my 'friends' would abandon me. I do realize how difficult it is to ignore something like that. And you know what? The voice was right. My friends did abandon me. The Sith took me.

*She begins stalking forward, her lightsaber held ready*

Misae: The Aesir will kill me if they see me, now that I know the truth. They will kill you as well, eventually. You'll see. If you're one of the lucky next to go, they'll find a way to abandon you. Tell me, did you people even realize I was gone? What do you think your fate will be? Will they give you to the Sith as well? Or will you even be so lucky?


11 Hours into the battle, 3 hours remaining

*Aidan continues ripping through his opponents. He was now focused on disabling the Sith - noticing that those he attacked didn't heal unless they died - and killing the Heloki and Fenris brood.

He had become separated from the other Aesir of his schiltron, and he had no idea if any of them continued to survive. For all he knew, they could be just on the other side of the wall of Sith that surrounded him.

He kept pressing forward, leaping into the air, crouching on all fours, swinging with his tail, his clawed hands and feet. He had wounds inflicted by Heloki claws and Fenris teeth on each of his arms and legs, several rakes across his chest, more down his back, and both his wings were ripped. His tail was scratched, and so probably were about twenty others spots on his body. Aidan felt a fear he'd never known in the petty arenas he'd been forced to compete in not so long ago.

Abruptly, memories came rushing back. No, this was nothing like the arena battles. Although the crowds believed every arena competitor used lethal force, the owners of the fighters didn't like their property getting destroyed, and Aidan had always held back, always. Now he felt a horror in a distant part of himself at what he was now doing. And the fact that the creatures around him were willing to do worse.*

So this is war.

*It was only a matter of time before exhaustion would take him over, and he would die.*

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