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((BD: The Sith would not fall back. Why would they since they don't stay dead. Also fear of their masters punishments is far worse then Hal's shinny sword. Especially when the orders for the Sith are to impale themselves on the weapons to create wholes for the Heloki and Fenris Brood.

and the helms: That should give you an idea how strong the Heloki are.

Scar: Cracern is boderline to breaking the rules and well I would enjoy tossing him around like a rag doll, I don't think you want that. Also if there is a hole in a schiltron the enemy army floods in destroying the formation))

*The sith, that Hal had been defending off rush him at the same time from all directions.

Cracern's charge places himself outside of the failling schiltron. He quickly finds himself alone and surrounded by Sith.

The Aesir who defended Sir Vin says nothing while he finishes off teh heloki. Returning back to his position the warrior is pounced on by one of the Fenris brood. The Aesir is knocked down his helm coming partly off exposing his neck. Without waiting the wolf rips out the Aesir' s jugular, then jumps onto Sir Vin latching it's jaws on his left arm.*

Sigrun vs Greip a Frost Jotun

*Sirgrun approaches Greip carefully, spear held in a low defenisve posture. Greip carries a large war hammer, and at the sound of the rooster crows her eyes begin to glow white. Within moments her skin seems to be incased in layers of ice.

When Sirgrun came into range Greip slammed her hammer into the ground were Sirgrun was standing leaving a large dent. Sirgurn deftly avoided the swing and sent a powerful thrust at the jotun's legs barely managing to penetrate the ice armor. This continued for most of the day. Greip taking almost wild swings with her hammer that Sigrun easily avoided while thrusting her spear at three locations that could kill a jotun if the weapon went in deep enough.

On the eleventh hour Sigrun finally manages to send her spear through the jotuns armor and deep within hitting the heart of Greip. However, while Sigrun made her deadly thrust, Greip was taking a swing with her hammer.

The hammer hits Sigrun in the side sending her flying with the force of the blow. Sigrun lands around three hundred feet away. She gets to her knees coughing up blood before succombing to death. Greip is able to stagger two steps backward before falling to the ground dead.*

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