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*spam control breaks through link*

everybody down!!!

*fire joshi clones through room*

the bard: aaaah!!!1
fealiks: aaaah!!!11
das: teehee
joshi clones: the spam here is getting out of hand. i will close this thread due to the wishes of das mole!
das: whoohoo!

yeah. actually, shakie (the bard), i think you're a pretty big spam offender. i don't want to get into an argument or anything (although i am strangely attracted to arguments), but i think you're just looking for an excuse to post anything. apparently, this excuse is spam most of the time...posting about spam that isn't there...but anyway.

What does stalin have to do whith MI what does stalin have to do whith tentacle.
already been explained

When i said MI4 sucks, which u considered spam at least i was being more direct, because someone had alreay spoken about it and so i used the oportunity to say that what i think of MI4
but just b/c somebody says something about a topic doesn't mean that that suddenly becomes on-topic, unless it became the discussion itself, e.g., this thread has now ended up talking about spam rather than avatars, despite a few desperate attempts by some people to get somewhat back on track.

And when i said Avatar's sucked i was saying what i thought was avatars so it is not Spam.
i kind of have to go both ways on this. i don't necessarily think your post was spam, b/c it was kind of on-topic, but at the same time, the thread was saying to describe your avatar, not what you thought of them. i guess it doesn't really matter, however, the only reason anybody said anything about it is b/c you're a new poster, and generally, if something that a posts about isn't at least 80% on topic, it doesn't really look too great. i understand that you may have thought when you were posting that it was completely on topic, but look from the other point of view too.

i dunno. i honestly don't care about spam as long as it doesn't get into complete and pure spam-o-liciousness and then drive people away.
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