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Red and BD: about that first part.

Yes it takes a second before the Heloki can puncuture the armor. And do not forget about the Fenris brood (they haven't played a large part since this battle doesn't play to there strenghts). Bare heads with a Heloki's claw could mean in short order a missing head.

Another thing about long swords. They have greater reach then short swords and can be designed for stabing. Also as the formations fail and one finds himself with more room you then can take full advantage of a longsword. Where Hal switched weapons, the Aesir do not and that is far better since they do not have to be defenseless even for a second.

Yes I mean my own characters.



As a reminder, the Sith Interrogator would not pause in the middle of this fight to capture anyone. Since Cracern has been given what amounts to a death blow they would go past him onto the others to make sure no Aesir survive.

Also the Interrogator is at the bottom of the Sith Ranks and wouldn't have anyone under his command. Keep in mind when they captured Sir Vin they wanted to know how many others were on the planet. They don't want that information and turning them isn't high on their list of things to do.

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