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Originally posted by Fealiks
Fea|iks' specia| code V 2.0
 hhh~kissed_mccoy=true_sub_~boo|-end sub~#1>__GTA:SA-(($))ru|es'''Ła~true~begin_kissed_STREAM#'~~rAYMONd:mwamwa! oh, doctor I |ove you! mmmmhh mmmmmh ooh yes! ah ooh yeah~~'#kissed_stream[{-end}]

makes sense, does it not? No? oh. We||. We||, it's mah specia| code, so it does to me!!!!
...yeah, you're *cough* "special" *cough*, too...

Originally posted by Fealiks
and I use | for L so it |ooks coo|.
...and won't work... (well, i won't work anyway...)

if(!strcmp(nick, "DrMcCoy") && !strcmp(avatar, "Spock")) return E_INSANE;
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