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Angry Can't Play internet multiplayer

Ok here's the deal, I installed 1.1 patch after getting frustrated with 10 minute load times and recieving...

"host connection lost" message

Now I have the patch installed and I'm recieving...

"host connection lost" message

I have the "latest" video drivers for GF4 ti4600 (3/24/2004) that can work with my video card (the newest drivers cause more problems than fix).

So whats the f*ing deal here? I'm not running my game on a crappy dell cheapo. I'm not a nobb who has no experience. And I'm pissed off that game companies pawn the latest and greatest game off on customers without fully testing. I might as well go back to bf1942 galactic conquest....At least it works!!! and it was free!!!

Anyone can help?
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