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Originally posted by Darth Tepe
((A. In wild west, they propably didn't know anything about tuberculosis
B. Cyborgninja, try to be a bit more literate with your posts. We want an image on what you're doing, not just: *Draws trigun and shoots everyone* Sorry *Sips on milk*
C. Cyborgninja, your RP-style is odd... I have never seen ( and ) being used, and rather wouldn't either *Wink wink*))

Bullseye sat down, smiling at her. "I've been fine. Delt some trouble around the ranch a week ago thought. You found any anti-governmental gold yet?" he said with a smirk. He gulped his beer and leaned back on the chair
ooc- this is the rp Istyle I was brought up on u can say I will try be better
and yes I am in the same bar as u guys

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