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Name: none ya business
Alias: DarthTDe
Sex: male
Race: Clone
Afilliation: Bespin
Side/rank: Sith Masta
Occupation: Tibanna Gas Miner(part-time)community service at the
chambers(hour a day)Jedi(I get to it as much as I can)
Appearance: Dark Robes,brown belt,and knee boots.
Weapons: all IMP blaster weaponry,and two Lightsaber staffs

I walked out of my ship and then walked over to California's capitol building and saw some guy,I think he was swedish"I thank you all for showing up today," he turned to me "Oh look everybody,a Democrat!"I walked to
him*swing,swing,crackle,slice*his arm lay on the floor"hey look everybody,a dead guy"I said "that guy killed Arnie Schwarzaneggar(sp?)!"some guy said.

Go ahead. Impress me. Do something intelligent.
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