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Originally posted by Darkside_tanro
Halo sucks ass in every area except maybe graphics & audio. Halo 2 took out some of what did make halo's gameplay good. Added a bunch of crap jacked straight from Unreal 2k4 and continued to suck. I dispise halo in so many ways. I would rather Play Doom I on a lan party than Halo. So needless to sya i would rahter play Battlefront Cuz battlefront, a game i thought was gonna blow at first was so friggin addictive.
Dude, *flaming is teh bad!!11!!*you probably don't even have halo,you just read reviews or listen to your friends,anyway,that crap you call a game(battlefront)has way to many glitches,and Halo2's online beats the crap out of battlefronts any day.You can say what you want about halo,but the people who know what they are talking about and have at least some taste in games,know that halo 2 is the king!For proof,visit the battlefronts online servers,yester day there was 4 and they only had maybay 3-5 people in there rooms.

*Tisk tisk, none o that now! ~ET

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