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Also, BD, wondering what Flax meant by "a demon". Scar's demons aren't literally demons and they certainly aren't inherently evil. Even if they were literally demons they're not any demons Flax could've encountered, being from another universe.

Plus, B. called himself a dragon, not a demon. The two are in no way equivalent. And, red scales do not equal demon. And and, the so-called 'demons' previously seen in these RPGs are not invulnerable to blaster fire.

Okay, about what happened to Behemoth:

If that was a Force power, it's ridiculously over the top and is certainly godmoding. (Yoda couldn't have pulled that off!) Also, it was a patently cruel, patently Dark Side, no excuse, no two ways about it. If that was technology...well, going out on a limb I'd say it was completely impossible, first because it sounds ridiculous, and there's no purpose to having it in some random hallway if it really did exist.

And before you say that it was necessary to move the plot along, and Scar is overreacting, remember you threw a fit when I had a character who was temporarily ridiculously powerful, unique, the archvillain, and doomed to die in the RPG anyway, telekinetically throw Flax out of a skyscraper window. [Along with a bunch of other characters, including my own!] That seems extremely minor compared to this.

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